Maranatha Volunteers International

Ultimate Workout 21

2011 Project: Mexico - July 12-25, 2011

Project Scope:

Ultimate Workout 21 was held in Chiapas, Mexico, July 12-25, 2011. Some 100-150 young people and staff met in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico and then separated into six groups. Each group constructed a block church, conducted children’s ministry programs, and impacted their community in a variety of ways. The teens were actively involved with the construction of the church and, while they participated in outreach, did everything from tooth pulling to hair cutting clinic, from trash pick up to medical clinics. A full medical team and a small dental team also served on the trip and traveled from site to site providing medical care for those living in the communities. Several members from each site got to help with the medical examinations and a couple teens got to help on the medical team full time.

The cost for the trip was $795. But the money provided much more than just food and housing. It provided an unforgettable experience for the teenagers. Many of them came back changed, with a new view on the world, and with a new passion for service. The trip provided opportunities to grow physically, socially, and spiritually.

Young people from all over the United States, Canada, and beyond put themselves on the line to live in challenging and different environments than what they probably considered to be “normal” at home. Many of the UW sites were located in simple, primitive villages. The air mattresses, that several group members brought to protect a little from the hard ground while they slept, were considered luxuries for those living in the communities.

The work of God continues to be very dynamic in Mexico. Participants found their faith stretched, and they were challenged to live on the edge for Jesus, not only in Mexico, but also in their hometowns. The church members who received a new church that summer are very thankful for the work of Maranatha and the volunteers who dedicated their time to the service of God. They are eagerly working to fill those churches with new believer so that even more churches may be built to the glory of God. Share |